Steve Vlaszof knows cars. For more than 30 years, the Los Angeles native has had a love affair
with the automobile. His early interest in cars drove him to attend the Don Bosco Technical
Institute, where he began the journey that has taken him to the forefront of his profession.

Steve Vlaszof not only understands cars, but the automotive industry itself. An expert in collision
repair, Steve Vlaszof was a partner for 12 years with DC Autocraft in Burbank. His expertise,
passion, and professionalism were vital to the success of DC Autocraft. He won the VeriFacts
Automotive Repair Center Achievement in Collision Repair Excellence award in 2011.

With an unwavering love of cars and an abiding interest in the automotive industry, Steve
Vlaszof has continued to develop his expertise in auto repair. He not only focuses on his own
mastery of collision repair, but also gives attention to other technicians. When he is not focused
on helping to run the collision repair company, Steve Vlaszof enjoys spending time with his wife
of 25 years and their two children. Dedicated to assisting his community, he actively supports St.
Jude Medical Center, the Arthritis Foundation, and the advocacy group Defenders of Wildlife.


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